Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Somemore Vocation

I honestly don't have any updates on what my vocation actually might be, but for the moment I do have an answer for my next step. I still think that teaching might be my road, but not middle school.

I accepted a high school math position at YES Prep NC.

I am actually really excited about the job. First, I get to teach high school. Second, I get to teach at YES, which is just an amazing place to work. The faculty is fun, and completely focused on getting the kids to college. The kids want to be there. They work hard and are friendly. Secondly, my course load is sweet; 2 sections of Alg 1, 2 sections of Alg 2 and 1 section of Robotics. Yep. I get my own robotics course.

So I am staying in Houston for at least another year.


Adam said...

That is fantastic. Yes Prep, robotics, and knowing your immediate future.

Bring back GourMAN!

S said...

I know you are not teaching in North Carolina, nor high school, but well done, Mr. Blair.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully you enjoy the year and stay for another one. ^^