Sunday, April 13, 2008


I have this student. W. He is a squirrel job.

I mean, he totally acts like a squirrel. He is out of his seat. He is in his seat. He is picking things up. He is putting them back down in different places.

He's squirrely.

Anyway, he used to frustrate me all the time. Although I found him relatively amusing, he took a lot of time out of class. But then he made me a picture. And then I started thinking "maybe he acts so crazy because he is really excited and doesn't know what to do about it..." I don't know. Maybe I'm reaching. But the pictures are great.

Picture #1

So in this one, W is laughing and I'm telling him to "Get out, go, go, go out in the hallway now."

I have a blair suit. I don't know why.

I have a magical shave button. This is what happens when I use sarcasm. "Did you shave Mister?"
"No. I pushed my magical shave button, and the hair sucks back into my head."

Notice how small Mr. Farber looks next to me. Ha.

Picture #2

Yes. I'm called the Blair-o-nator.
Yes. It says "Crazy with education."
Yes. I have a Do First Cannon that shoots 50 sheets per second. That's a rate in case you were wondering.

Picture #3

So, now I'm a ninja. Or more accurately, a shogun blairator.
I think that's a kind of blender actually.

The motivational quote says "The speed of true power...the speed of education!!!!!" I think that our school district should adopt that as its slogan.

I also have a meter stick sword and a clipboard.

All of these pictures show me with a six-pack. I don't have that yet. But I am definitely that much bigger than Mr. Farber. And I do have a Shogun suit. And a Blairsuit (that's trademarked.).


Josh said...

Jake, I can't see any of your pics, any idea what the problem could be?

Adam said...

That kid has mega talent. And he is hilarious.

Oh and I am a jerk. (something about a birthday)

Josh said...

Those pictures are amazing! Oh, I can see the pics now, haha. You need to laminate those so you can keep them.

Nick Haywood said...

Does Farber arm wrestle with his left arm? His forearm is gigantic in that second picture.

PhilBlair said...

Hey what's up?

This summer it's looking like sticking around Chicago to keep my job and just working a lot. I got to travel all over the place last summer, so I might have to be a little more responsible this time round. But I would still like to get around a bit